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  Schoolgirl Reform School: Alexis
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Alexis R., half-trapped inside a tunnel. Her butt is still red from the earlier paddling

Featuring : Alexis R. and Andre Chance

Length : 77 minutes

Alexis is a naughty schoolgirl with a bad attitude. But she quickly mends her ways when confronted with harsh discipline in Reform School.

She has to endure spanking, caning, bondage, multiple enemas (expelled in full view), including an enema with a colonic tube, suppositories, eggplants in her pussy and ass, 3 cherries and 3 cheese sticks in all her holes, a whole stick of butter up her ass, nipple clamps with an extra clip for her clit, and more.

The extremely-long colonic tube goes up Alexis’ ass almost completely – except for about 5", i.e. a total of some 25" (63 cm)

By the end, sobbing and in tears, she's fully reformed!

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Spanking, caning, hogtied, suppository, eggplant DP, bag enema, enema expulsion on bed and on the toilet

This clip also available on WizardClips for individual purchase.

Butter stick up the ass, DP with cheese sticks, enema with colonic tube, tears, enema expulsion in bucket and on toilet

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Age group (1) : Barely Legal / Teen
Bare feet
Character : Schoolgirl
Clit clamps
Clothing : Completely naked
Clothing : Schoolgirl uniform
Colonic tubes (catheters) for enemas
Crying / Breaking into tears
Ethnicity : Asian
Nipple clamps
Punishment Enemas
Spanking : bare-hand
User comments

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bodriscoll(NEWEST COMMENT) I like it :) +1
Juckodiabolical use of Cheese Sticks in her holes!
dave1983i congratulate u, too! the way her upper and lower body are "isolated", with the tube, is H-O-T! her lower body is deliciously exposed, to be punished and taken advantage of, at will.
pacpal55FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!... this series has added all of the BEST in each film.......CONGRATS to the film maker from a looooong time porn web searcher.....THANKS...... Pac

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Alexis R., half-trapped inside a tunnel. Her lower body sticks out very invitingly...
Alexis R., half-trapped inside a tunnel. Her butt is still red from the earlier paddling
Alexis R., half-trapped inside a tunnel, gets caned
Eggplants up her pussy and ass!
25 inches (63 cm) of the 30-inch (76cm) colonic tube gets inserted up Alexis' butt

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Detailed description of the entire film :

Alexis R., half-trapped inside a tunnel. Her lower body sticks out very invitingly... Alexis is a very cute Asian schoolgirl with a bad attitude. When she gets sent to my Reform School for Teens, she doesn't appear at all repentant.

When I threaten her with the prospect of getting expelled from school, and having to face her conservative parents and being sent to do retail work, she quickly agrees to physical punishment as a better alternative!

I surprise her with an long, fold-up tube -- and surprise her even more by telling her to crawl into it! Perhaps Alexis assumes it's just a game, but she finds out otherwise when I straddle the tube and trap her midway thru her crawl, with her butt and legs sticking out; then I start spanking her!

Alexis R., half-trapped inside a tunnel. Her butt is still red from the earlier paddling Alexis is a major squirmer, the like of which I hadn't seen since Jade! For extra measure I tie up Alexis inside the tube with a belt. Then I resume spanking and paddling her. Next, I remove her skirt and her shoes -- and douse her in baby oil, which highlights the redness of her butt. I lower her slutty panties, and shove a suppository up her butt, and my finger alongside it. Then I spank and paddle her again.

While Alexis is still tied up inside the tube, with only her lower half exposed, I bring out a plastic drinking bottle and tell Alexis that I'm going to give her an enema! First, I stretch out her virginal butt hole with 3 fingers, and then shove the bottle top right in! The bottle does NOT have a drinking spout; the whole bottle's mouth gets roughly inserted up Alexis's tight hole. I squeeze the plastic bottle as much as I can, and give Alexis her very first enema.

Alexis R., half-trapped inside a tunnel, gets caned Next, without even letting her expel the water, I cane her. It appears that Alexis deals better with spanking than with enema, and even begs me to spank her rather than giving her more enemas. Instead, I do just the opposite. First, though, I remove her stockings and attach her ankles and wrists to the feet of the bed, giving a squirming Alexis some hits with a belt along the way.

Eggplants up her pussy and ass! Just when Alexis probably thinks she has seen it all, I surprise her with 2 eggplants! As you can guess, I shove one up her pussy and one up her ass, while she's spread-eagled in bondage, face down.

I leave her two holes stuffed up while I set up the red enema bag. I make her open her mouth by pinching shut her nose, and make her take the large enema nozzle in her mouth first. As an addition "sneak preview", I also pour some water on her. Finally, I replace the anal eggplant with the nozzle, and start the enema. You'll be able to see the water invade Alexis's colon thanks to a flow indicator on the hose.

While poor Alexis soaks up the entire bag, I replace the pussy eggplant, which had slipped out. I also raise half of the mattress, which lifts her legs/butt, and also stretches out her bondage. I make Alexis take the water till the bag is as flat as a pancake. Then I make her hold the water for a fair amount of time, while I set up some expulsion buckets. By now, Alexis is begging for relief, and even quivering. But before giving her relief, I surprise her with 3 cherries! What does one do with those?! Yes, you got it -- one goes in her mouth, one in her pussy and one (after withdrawing the enema nozzle) up her butt. Alexis is trying hard to hold the water, but a little escapes while I slip in the anal cherry. Finally, I give the poor schoolgirl some relief: and let her expel into a bucket, while still tied, face-down, hands and feet. You'll enjoy a good view of her jets. I also let her expel more into a towel. Then I free her, and let her finish up at the toilet. You'll get to hear all the water come out as Alexis sits, bent over, on the toilet -- and has to repeatedly say "I'll be good in school"!

After she takes a shower and gets all cleaned up, probably hoping that her ordeal is over, I shock her by telling that, now that she's "clean inside and out", I'm going to make her EVEN cleaner with another enema! But first, I put nipple clamps on her: a 3-prong nipple clamp for tits and clit. Next, I make her lie belly down, and to her surprise I bring out a stick of butter and literally "butter up" her buns and rear entrance. More that that, I shove the whole stick of butter up her tight hole! When I pull it out, it's perfectly rounded, and even looks like a dildo (just as you saw in previous films.) Then I re-insert the butter stick, and pull it out again.

After further widening up Alexis' shy rear entrance with 2 fingers, I surprise Alexis yet again with 3 sticks of string cheese: just when Alexis thought she had "seen it all"! As you can guess, one goes in her mouth, one in her pussy and one up her butt. When I later withdraw in one in her butt, find it more elongated...

25 inches (63 cm) of the 30-inch (76cm) colonic tube gets inserted up Alexis' butt I bring out a 30" (76cm) colonic tube! When I lay it down alongside Alexis's back, it spans from her butthole to the top of her head! I place it on a ruler, so you can see it's 30" long.

I smear some butter on the tube's tip, and slip it up Alexis's trembling rear entrance. Inserting a tube so long is a lengthy process, with many partial in's-and-out's. The insertion takes place with a single, uninterrupted camera take (no cuts!), so you can see the tube REALLY slide in. You'll also see the flow indicator spin and spin and spin.

As I insert the endless tube, and go past the first bag, Alexis starts sounding truly repentant! By the time that the tube has gone in almost completely -- except for about 5", i.e. a total of some 25" (63 cm) -- Alexis is in tears and quietly sobbing! After she has soaked in a total of a bag plus about a third, I finally take pity: I withdraw the tube (again with no camera cuts) and let the tearful girl expel into a bucket, in full view.

Then I send her to the toilet, with her belly visibly distended. I make her face the toilet seat so that, as she continues expelling the enema water, you'll enjoy a good view of the water coming out... By now, she appears sincere about changing her ways in school!

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