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  Schoolgirl Reform School: Eva in Forest
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Eva nailed to rock wall, prior to receiving her punishment enema

Featuring : Eva "St. Valentine" and Andre Chance

Length : 44 minutes

A walk in the woods can get you into big trouble if you are a pretty girl in boarding school and you are sneaking out without permission. It might just get you stripped down, greased up all over with Vaseline, probed, spanked, roughly led by a leash on a naked walk, and lashed to a rock wall.

And finally humiliated with an enema driven up your ass – and having to expel it and to pee right there, tied up for hours in a standing position. All along, you’re getting goose bumps on every inch of your skin from the cold. Still want to go for a walk?

A film for the SADIST in you!

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All out in the woods.

Stripped naked, and spanked OTK.

This clip also available on WizardClips for individual purchase.

Greased up in Vaseline all over. Wrists tied up. More spanking. Ankle shackles. Finger-fucking her ass while she lies down naked on forest floor.

This clip also available on WizardClips for individual purchase.

More greasing up with Vaseline. Eva gets slapped when she spits on Andre.

Marched naked through forest by a leash and collar, with wrists tied up.

While hogtied to rock wall in a standing position: getting caned on thighs and breasts, peeing on the ground, getting masturbated with cane.

This clip also available on WizardClips for individual purchase.

While hogtied to rock wall, standing and facing it: enema, with a large plastic nozzle, a flow indicator and a red bag. Soaks up the full bag. Lengthy enema expulsion in full view. Left out naked in the cold, until dark.

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Age group (1) : Barely Legal / Teen
Ankle shackles or cuffs
Bare feet
Character : Schoolgirl
Clothing : Completely naked
Clothing : Sexy / Skimpy
Enema Expulsion - On floor, ground, table, etc.
Enema Flow Indicator
Enema Nozzles - Large Plastic Nozzle
Ethnicity : White
Finger-fucking ass
Finger-fucking pussy
Hair color : Brunette
Hogtie bondage
Leash - Led on walk/crawl
Masturbate others
Pee on floor or ground
Positions : Lying down
Positions : OTK
Positions : Standing
Punishment Enemas
Red enema bag
Setting : Nature
Spanking : bare-hand
Stripped / Undressing Others
Submissive Attitude - Humiliated / Embarrassed
Temperature play - Cold
Wrist restraints
User comments

UserComment (newest at the top)
vladimir(NEWEST COMMENT) sexy and intense to be marched NAKED in the woods like that!
rmaestrijrNice! I would love to try a few tricks on this girl... Wonder if she would sub for me? How can I find out?
naughtymethe vaseline allover grease-up is a great touch :D
randymanher goosebumps from the cold and embarrassment are AWESOME!!!
daniel711such a nice girl!

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Free large thumbnail photos :

Eva's school photo
Eva, about to be discovered
Eva, being confronted
Eva gets her holes probed with Vaseline
Eva gets teased mid-caning
Eva, hogtied to a rock wall, soaks up a full enema bag - later expelled in the same position
Eva nailed to rock wall, prior to receiving her punishment enema

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Detailed description of the entire film :

Eva's school photo The reputation of my "reform school for girls" -- and the success of my methods -- got me a job from a prestigious girls' boarding school.

I am to discipline one of their students, who has repeatedly sneaked out of her dorm and wondered into a nearby forest, most likely to meet boys. In fact, she probably got her "St. Valentine" nickname because she is so boy-crazy!

Eva, about to be discovered I track her down in the forest as she's making her way back. She tries to play the innocent, and claims she's just going on a hike; in fact, her slutty dress tells a different story... I confront her with the news that she's being expelled -- UNLESS she submits to punishment.

She agrees, but has second thoughts when I demand that she takes off her shirt... Eva, being confronted However, as I start dialing her parents' number on my cell phone, she quickly becomes a lot more pliant!

Item by item, I make her strip naked. By the time she's half undressed, she starts getting really cold.

Once she's naked, I march her through the rugged forest floor. She tries to pick up her clothes, but I tell her to leave them there!

Since she's getting so cold, I warm her up by swinging her over my lap and spanking her.

Then I cover up her whole body in Vaseline. "Why?", she asks.
"Because I'm going to put things inside of you."
"You're disgusting!"

I spank her more while she's bent over and I'm lubing up her whole body. She starts acting feisty. So, I put both her wrists and ankles in bondage -- and also spank her more. Eva gets her holes probed with Vaseline

I shove a finger full of Vaseline up her pussy. Then I take a big blob and shove a finger up her ass.

By this time, her goose bumps from the cold are getting very pronounced.

I put a collar on her, and continue smearing Vaseline all over her. Then I roughly lead her by the collar on a painful barefoot -- and naked -- walk on uneven grounds covered up with rocks. Afterwards, I push her back against a rock walk, and nail stakes to it -- to attach Eva's hands and feet!

She says she needs to pee. I tell her to go right there. She hesitates to do in front of me... When I threaten to step away -- until the next day -- she tries to pee, but only a few drops come out.

Eva gets teased mid-caning I have an idea: I whip her thighs with a cane, until she pees... It works!

I cane her thighs and breasts some more; then I rub the cane on her pussy slit.

I turn Eva around.

She's gotten so chilled by now that her goose bumps are very visible. (In the photos, you'll be able to see them clearly.)

Eva, hogtied to a rock wall, soaks up a full enema bag - later expelled in the same position I shove a large nozzle up her butt; attached to it are a flow indicator and a red enema bag. I put so much Vaseline up her butt earlier that I have some difficulty in getting the water to flow in! But when it does go in, you can see the red ball spin and spin.

Her shivering from the cold turns to trembling. By now, she's beginning to sound convincing when she says she's really sorry!

I make her expel in the same position: she sends out quite a lovely jet of water.

Eva nailed to rock wall, prior to receiving her punishment enema Then, I simply leave her to shiver out in the cold for a few more hours, till it starts getting dark.

SAFETY WARNING: hypothermia (low body temperature) can kill!

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