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SchoolgirlSexPunishment.com review by 'Janes Guide', an independent review site SchoolgirlSexPunishment.com site review by 'Janes Guide', an independent review siteSchoolgirlSexPunishment.com site review by 'Janes Guide', an independent review site

Review by "Jane's Guide": Quality Award and
"Vamp's Pick"

"An incredibly sexy and daring spanking and ageplay site, with a healthy dose of BDSM. Yummy!"

"Do you enjoy fantasies involving schoolgirls that are stripped, spanked, humiliated, caned, given enemas, suspended, and forced or coerced into hardcore action? Then you'll like this site, which is all about highly sexualized consensual roleplay mixed with BDSM"

"The women here are all very young and petite, and they do a pretty good job of roleplaying wayward schoolgirls"

"Unlike many spanking/ageplay sites, this site unflinchingly serves up gritty and graphic scenarios that involve hardcore action. These girls won't just be left in a corner, they might be covered in Vaseline and left out in the cold woods to think about what they've done"

"I bottom to this style of play myself, and I can tell you that it was satisfying to view this as someone that has played the part of such a wayward schoolgirl (rather than just the one punishing her). So, I think this site will appeal rather broadly to folks that like sexualized ageplay and enema play"

"There are around 35 films on the site, all of which are sliced into smaller video clips (for a total of around 114 wmv movies)"

"You'll also need to be able to download and open the 58 photo sets (with a total of around 2085 images), that are available as zip files"

"The preview is completely transparent, so you'll know precisely what you are getting"

"If you are a fan of this style of play, you may also be interested in the fairly active message board that includes personals"

—Vamp, at Jane's Guide

SchoolgirlSexPunishment.com review by 'The Best Porn', an independent review site

Review by "The Best Porn"

"I love that they don't stop with just the punishment. In fact, the rough sex acts that follow are typically part of the discipline the girls receive"

"A very hot, very authentic schoolgirl BDSM collection"

"Downloadable exclusive videos and photos of schoolgirls getting brutally punished and having sex"

"Schoolgirl Sex Punishment is a discipline site featuring scenes with hot uniformed schoolgirls getting severely punished by stern schoolmasters. What sets Schoolgirl Sex Punishment apart from other similar sites is that the action doesn't stop with just a paddle on the bottom or a quick over the knee spanking. Those punishments are just the prelude to the real highly sexualized discipline the girls receive. This is not your typical schoolgirl site"

"Exclusive content in a very hot niche"

"Schoolgirl Sex Punishment offers my very favorite forms of BDSM. I love that they don't stop with just the punishment. In fact, the rough sex acts that follow are typically part of the discipline the girls receive. Blowjobs, butt plugs, dildos, odd insertions, and even enemas make their appearance following the spanking, caning, or paddling. The girls are often tied up, and sometimes suspended while receiving their punishments and the accompanying sex. This is a very real, authentic collection of bdsm that you won't find anywhere else"

"Between the the blog and the message board, its easy to get some insight into what goes on behind the scenes. There are also some extremely in-depth descriptions of the individual scenes. The site has a lot of personality, and that's awesome on a site with original content like this"

"Photos can be downloaded in zips"

"I loved the content. It is extremely real and very erotic. There's a lot of personality here and some great member involvement"

"All in all, it's a site I would still recommend to fans BDSM, particularly schoolgirl punishment because I haven't seen much that compares with the entertainment value here"

—Maggie, at The Best Porn

SchoolgirlSexPunishment.com review by 'Porn Inspector', an independent review site

Review by "Porn Inspector"

"There is nothing kind about the brutality bestowed about the legal teens from this site"

"This site isn't for the weak"

"Barely legal teens as the naughty school girl that must be punished"

"We mustn’t forget the male gender that plays a role through the footage of this site, since they have the hard and engorged cocks that are forced down the throats of the babes that are bound by ropes, shackles and chains, hanging in upside down suspension, with hot wax dripped on their nipples"

"The ball gags, and barbaric restraining advices that make you feel as though this footage was shot within the boundaries of a dungeon"

"Some of the hotter sets (in my opinion), are those that show the short, plaid school girl uniforms, the sparkling white knee socks, and little bows that says innocence and a well behaved attitude, when you take something that pure and put it through the paces they do with the bondage and torture of this fetish site, they lose that squeaky clean look quickly"

"When shackles are applied to wrists and ankles, they’re hogtied for the surety that they won’t be able to flee the kinky ideas of the one applying the punishment"

"There is a lot of enemas given from this site many which hold the liquid in a clear back so you can view the contents going straight into their asses, one bag, two bags, she’s ready to blow!"

"They humiliate the girls by shoving fruit for instance into their mouths, up their ass and vaginal areas"

"They’re caned, whipped, and turned over the knee for spanking sessions that will leave them welted, red, bloody and looking as if they’re totally exhausted"

"Each orifice of every girl is brutalized equally, and the hardened hot wax that clings to their soft skin and the marks from the caning they’ve received will leave them feeling the repercussions of their actions for quite some time"

"They offer one format, download only, with a nice clarity to the presentation"

"There are galleries included with nearly every one of the video sets"

"They mix the coyness of innocent schoolgirls, wearing their uniforms and sporting expressions of fear in regards to the punishment they’re about to receive with the actual punishment itself, making it extremely hardcore."

"Nothing is sacred, nothing is off limits, and these girls will think twice before misbehaving again I dare say"

—Missy, at Porn Inspector

SchoolgirlSexPunishment.com review by 'Fetish Fish', an independent review site

Review by "Fetish Fish"

"This is one BDSM site that will thrill lovers of both gals in plaid skirts and intense spanking and floggings"

"Some gals are bad in class, so they get taken to a dungeon [...] where they get flogged and ball-gagged. Other babes don't do anything wrong at all, but still get caned, chained up and nipple-clamped anyway"

"Most of the Windows Media files offer either good or great-quality playback"

"My favorite scene has a chick in a plaid miniskirt who takes a ton of flogging and spanking, as well as having several nipple clamps. She also gets ball-gagged and has her legs stretched open. The reason I like it is because she starts off as your typical back-talking student, so the punishment just keeps getting upped until she's literally crying"

—Master Graymalkin, at Fetish Fish

SchoolgirlSexPunishment.com review by 'Rabbit's Reviews', an independent review site

Review by "Rabbit's Reviews"

"If watching girls in uniform get punished for naughtiness is your thing, you'll like the content here"

"The naughty students on SchoolgirlSexPunishment are in great need of some behavior modification. The techniques used are far more harsh than just a detention. These uniformed chicks are chained, hogtied, gagged, spanked, made to suck cock, covered in wax and even given enemas"

"Sometimes it's the Headmaster doling out the punishment or a female aide and in one case, a gal comes home after a punishment session and gets another round from her angry mom"

"The clips are available in Windows Media format and the playback is great"

—April, at Rabbit's Reviews

SchoolgirlSexPunishment.com review by 'Adult Reviews', an independent review site

Review by "Adult Reviews"

"The action can be very intense, and the reactions all seem real"

"Most online 'reform schools' mainly consist of spanking naughty schoolgirls, but spanking is just the warm up at Teens Reform School! "

"The discipline dished out at this special reform school can be quite intense. Will the punishments reform these bratty girls? Only time will tell..."

"At Teens Reform School [old name for SchoolgirlSexPunishment.com], what you see is indeed what you get"

"Each episode offers very thorough descriptions of all the action, letting you know what's in each clip, which is very handy"

"This unique reform school features more than just heavy corporal punishment. While there's plenty of spanking and paddling, there are nipple clamps, suppositories, wax play, gags, butt plugs, enema play, bondage, suspension bondage, and much more"

"You'll definitely see butts getting redder and redder as the naughty schoolgirls bite their lips, squeeze their hands shut, etc. – all in ways to deal with the discipline being dished out."

"The girls get shown no mercy"

"Each schoolgirl brings her own unique personality into play – whether she quickly becomes meek and compliant, or stays defiant and stubborn throughout her ordeal"

"The photos open to various sizes, such as 778x960 and 609x960 pixels and are pretty good quality"

—Tamesin, at Adult Reviews

SchoolgirlSexPunishment.com review by 'Porn Reviews', an independent review site

Review by "PornReviews.com"

"Teens Reform School(*) prides itself on realism, and that definitely shows in the finished product. They stress role play of real people over playacting a particular script, which makes the scenes very enjoyable and realistic"

(*) old/alternate name for SchoolgirlSexPunishment.com

"Teens Reform School offers great bdsm and corporal punishment content"

"The submissive pain sluts and the episodes they're in are very realistic and of good quality"

"Teens Reform School not only shows some very intense heavy corporal punishment of wayward girls, it also shows the the psychological ramifications of the naughty girls who disobey their taskmasters"

"Most of the painsluts here are amateurs and some are even first timers, so you'll be seeing lots of realism in these vignettes"

"The scenes in Teens Reform School are very intense"

"While most scenes in this genre generally follow the same kind of script, Teens Reform School adds some variety due to the dynamics of those involved. That's because some of these 'schoolgirls' are very submissive and take their punishments like good girls, but some of them are quite stubborn and even have the nerve to talk back or address their superiors in a petulant or snippy tone. Of course, that doesn't go over very well, and they indeed get their comeuppance!"

"Additionally, you'll see more than just heavy corporal punishment at this special school. Other activities of the bdsm genre are incorporated, and include: tit torture, wax play, bondage and gags, butt plugs, suppositories and enemas, wax play, and much more"

"The schoolgirls in Teens Reform School get shown no mercy as their unacceptable attitudes are sadistically corrected by their firm taskmasters. As such, the content is very good, with the painslut schoolgirls taking a lot of punishment"


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