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  Banana TP, Hogtie Enemas, 3-Hole Sex and Caning for Schoolgirl
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A banana in each hole for Schoolgirl Melanie! Food penetration of her ass, pussy and mouth

Featuring : Melanie and Andre Chance

Lovely Melanie looks like a serious schoolgirl, with her charming uniform and sexy British accent. But she ends up in a Reform School because of serious misdeeds. Her hard choice: face expulsion from her prestigious private school, or face Corporal Punishment...

In retrospect, Melanie might have chosen expulsion if she had known how extensive, humiliating and harsh the corporal punishment would be!!

Stripped naked, spanked, paddled, whipped with a belt, and caned by the Reform Schoolmaster until her butt is flaming red... And that’s just the beginning! Next, hogtie bondage, a devil-tail butt plug in all her 3 holes, fucking in all 3 holes, eating the Schoolmaster's cum, and even triple penetration with 3 bananas!

Also, a metal gag, forcing her mouth open, and 2 rounds of full-bag enemas, one of them with a gigantic metal nozzle. All enemas use a clear bag and a flow meter, so that you can clearly see the water going in. And you'll equally well see the water going out because both times Melanie has no choice but to expel into buckets (sometimes through a funnel), while still hogtied! To round up the brutal punishment, she gets paddled with a riding crop while holding the enema water, and gets caned again at the very end! She’s in hogtie bondage most of the time, sometimes with her legs and arms hanging from the ceiling...

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Spanking. Face slapping. Paddling with “SLUT”-imprinting paddle. Riding crop. Caning (hard). Flaming red butt.

Arm bondage. Hair pulling. Belt whipping (including on breasts)

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Ankle shackles or cuffs
Arm restraints (lower arms)
Ass Fucking
Bare feet
Belt Whipping
Bizarre Ass Penetrations - Food
Blow Job
Body size (1) : Slender / Fit
Breast Job (Tit Fucking)
Butt Plug (incl. Vibrators/Dildos used anally)
Butt turning red
Character : Schoolgirl
Clear enema bag
Clothing : Completely naked
Clothing : Schoolgirl uniform
Cum in mouth
Enema - Hold the liquid (retention enema)
Enema Expulsion - Into Buckets
Enema Flow Indicator
Enema Nozzles - Large Plastic Nozzle
Enema Nozzles - Very Large Metal Nozzle
Ethnicity : White
Finger-fucking ass
Foot Job
Gags - Open
Hair pulling
Hogtie bondage
Paddles - Leather straps
Paddles - Riding crop
Paddles - Wooden paddle
Punishment Enemas
Pussy Fucking
Slapping face
Spanking : bare-hand
Speculum - Plastic
Stripped / Undressing Others
Submissive Attitude - Humiliated / Embarrassed
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digitalbeethis film knocked my socks off, over and over and over!! the crazy banana TP, the whipping and caning, the enemas, the fucking all holes, the bondage... very memorable all around

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Schoolgirl Melanie, with her butt flaming red from the earlier paddling, is about to be spanked with a riding crop. Notice the 'SLUT' imprints on her ass
A banana in each hole for Schoolgirl Melanie! Food penetration of her ass, pussy and mouth

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