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  Schoolgirl Reform School: Gypsy
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Gypsy gets caned in a delightfully awkward position

Featuring : Gypsy and Andre Chance

Length : 88.5 minutes

Gypsy is a sexy schoolgirl, half Asian. She’s made to suffer extreme corporal punishment, including enemas, caning/paddling/spanking, bondage, large butt plug, anal beads, suppository, face slapping, breast torture, and riding the sybian – with her hands tied up behind her back!

She gets grapes up her butt, and is made to expel them in a bucket. She also gets covered up in oil and whipped cream, and gets spanked, paddled and caned at length, including while riding the sybian tied up.

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Over-the-lap spanking. Grapes up the butt. Enemas from squeeze bottle. Expulsion into bucket. Nipple clamps. Lead on walk by collar and leash/nipple clamps. Spanking and paddling (including breasts). Walk in "wheelbarrow position": spanking, paddling and caning. Suppository. Butt plug with pig-tail end.

This clip also available on WizardClips for individual purchase.

Bondage with 2 spreader bars. Caning. Drenched in baby oil. Covered in whipped cream. Face slapping and spanking. Enemas with large squeeze bulb. Caning, and expulsion in bucket. Spanking. Riding sybian, with hands tied up. Spanking, paddling and caning while on sybian. Anal beads while on sybian.

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Age group (1) : Barely Legal / Teen
Anal Beads
Bare feet
Bizarre Ass Penetrations - Food
Butt Plug (incl. Vibrators/Dildos used anally)
Character : Schoolgirl
Clothing : Completely naked
Ethnicity : Asian & White
Nipple clamps
Positions : OTK
Punishment Enemas
Slapping face
Spanking : bare-hand
Spreader Bars
User comments

UserComment (newest at the top)
tallguy1766(NEWEST COMMENT) wheelbarrow position was excellent..lets have more of that plz!
spankforevernothing like a BAD GIRL getting punished... that girl Gypsy is one spicy morsel, not to mention a handful!
spankerholicone of the sexiest caning scenes i've ever seen
mickeydShe is a real knockout. You should have her hanging from the ceiling in one of the scenes. Your cameraman is great. Always getting the best angles.

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Free large thumbnail photos :

Gypsy after her first spanking
Gypsy gets her first enema
Gypsy gets a paddling on her breasts, too
Gypsy gets caned in a delightfully awkward position
Gypsy anticipates the imminent suppository and butt plug
Schoolgirl Gypsy deep-throats the long nozzle that is about to be used to give her an enema
Gypsy gets paddled while riding the Sybian

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Detailed description of the entire film :

Gypsy A slutty-dressing schoolgirl, 1/2 Asian, who likes to go by the name "Gypsy", is in big trouble with her boarding school. So, she gets sent to my Reform School for Teen Girls.

She's on the verge of being expelled -- or even be sent to juvenile. She begs me for an alternative. I give it to her: corporal punishment!

Gypsy after her first spanking I swing her over my lap, and start spanking and undressing her. Her butt gets red quickly -- it almost matches the shade of her miniskirt! She doesn't sound too repentant; so I spank her at some length. Her butt gets nice and warm to the touch...

I bring out a bunch of grapes, and make her eat some. Why am I suddenly being nice to her? Because the rest of the grapes will go up her ass! When she learns of that, she rushes to eat as many as possible!!

These aren't your usual grapes -- they are huge "globe grapes." So big that the often get stuck mid-insertion! I insert 3. Then I keep a 4th one halfway inserted, while I make her eat one at the same time: "grape double penetration"! To push in the grape that is lingering halfway inside her butthole, I simply spank her -- it works!

Gypsy gets her first enema I bring out a squeeze bottle. After squeezing some water into her mouth, I give her the rest as an enema, straight from the bottle -- at times spanking her mid-enema.

Taking a break from the enema, I insert a finger up her butt: I can feel the water and two of the grapes!

I resume the enema. Immediately afterwards, I take the bottle straight from her asshole to the inside of her mouth (no camera cuts!) and squirt out the last bits of water.

I make Gypsy straddle my lap, facing me, and expel in a bucket: water and at least a grape come out. Her butt is so wet that I make her hold a tissue on it, so we won't drip on my floor as she dashes to the toilet to finish up!

Afterwards, I finally strip her naked, except for her sexy shoes, and discover that her nipples are pierced. I make good use of her piercings, to make her squirm more as I pinch her nipples. I bring out nipple clamps. First I tease Gypsy's nostrils and tongue with them. Then I squeeze her tender nipples enough to make them hard, and apply the clamps to them.

I put a collar and a leash on the unruly girl, and take her on a walk, on all four, around the room. Sometimes I pull her along by the nipple clamps -- which really hurts! Gypsy gets a paddling on her breasts, too

I make her kneel at the edge of the bed, and spank and paddle her with a variety of implements. I also paddle her breasts. Gypsy gets caned in a delightfully awkward position

To remove her last item, her shoes, I make her assume a wheelbarrow position, precariously balanced on her hands while I hold her legs up. I take off her shoes -- and use them to paddle her with, in the same position! I also spank her hard and slap her face. I continue paddling her, and even caning her, as I "march" her around in her wheelbarrow position. It's like being a drummer in a marching band!

I put her down and make her kneel against the bed. Gypsy anticipates the imminent suppository and butt plug Her butthole looks very inviting... Gypsy looks all worried (and rightly so!) when I show her a suppository. But first, I bring out a fat butt plug, with a pig tail at its end. I fuck Gypsy's mouth with it. Then I insert the suppository in her butt, leaving it sticking out a tiny bit. Next, I shove in the butt plug, which pushes in the suppository.

I put Gypsy's hands and feet in bondage, using 2 spreader bars. When she "spits" out the piggy butt plug, I punish her with some serious caning. By the end, even just the sound of the cane swishing through the air makes her jump!

Then I drench her in cold baby oil. Her raw butt looks especially tantalizing in its shiny state. I also slap her face and breasts.

Time for Gypsy's 2nd enema! I bring out a large, douching squeeze bulb. By now, she's feeling the effects of the glycerine suppository, and is beginning to feel an urge to go. Before the enema, however, I surprise her by covering her in whipped cream from head to toe!

I slap her face. Spanking her whipped cream-covered butt is messy but fun!

Schoolgirl Gypsy deep-throats the long nozzle that is about to be used to give her an enema When I fill up the enema bulb, just the thought of the enema makes Gypsy feel the need to go. Of course, the suppository is having its effect... I ignore her plea. First, I make her deep-throat the long, hard nozzle; then I plow it into her tender butt. (The suppository is probably completely melted inside her by now.)

I give Gypsy 5 rounds of squeeze-bulb enemas. During the last round, I insert the long nozzle "to the hilt"!

Between the suppository and the 5 large squeeze bulbs, the poor girl is desperate to go. However, I make her retain the water for some time. Then I tell her to count 3 lashes with the cane -- at which point she's allowed to expel in a bucket! I periodically empty the bucket, and make her hold the water again till the 3-lash signal arrives!

Afterwards, I make her kneel up, and I rub her belly. When I cane her breasts and slap her face, she finally seems truly repentant for her behavior... I spank her. Then I make her stand up and, standing behind her, I fondle her breasts at length. I grab her under her breasts, and lift her off her feet.

I finally release her from bondage. I make her bend over and spank her yet again. Then I send her off to clean herself up.

When she's back, I tie her hands behind her back, make her kneel and spank her. Then I help her clamber on top of a sybian -- with her hands still bound behind her back (a first for my films!) A rather precarious position... I make her turn the control knobs with her teeth. Gypsy gets paddled while riding the Sybian

To make sure she doesn't enjoy the sybian too much, I spank her, cane her and paddle her -- all while she rides with her hands tied behind her back! At times, I help her ride up and down by pulling her by her breasts (as I did with Jasmine in another earlier film, to be released on

I bring out a set of anal beads. First, I insert them into her mouth. Then up her butt, with some difficulty, while she's still riding the sybian. When I pull them out, she re-iterates her promise of better behavior!

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