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Teen Reform School: Upside-down Suspension, Brutal Spank, Enema and Fuck in Every Hole
Schoolgirl Kristine, hogtied and with her belly distended from the enema she's holding, is further humiliated by having to suck the Headmaster's cock. Notice the caning marks on her butt, and the toe cuffs

Featuring : Kristine and Andre Chance

Length: 88.5 minutes



Kristine’s bad attitude lands her in reform school, where she gets severely punished with heavy spanking, paddling, belt whipping, caning, hogtie bondage, panties up her pussy, suppository, multiple enemas (“enema? what’s that?”), and even an upside-down suspension.

Kristine starts losing her bad attitude when her butt is made very red, with imprints and welts – and she breaks into tears.

For extra humiliation, she has to take the Schoolmaster’s cock in all 3 holes, while she’s tied up! And give him a foot job, And taste his cum, too.

Teen Reform School: Jade's Straitjacket Punishment with Caning, Enemas & Fucking Machines
Schoolgirl Jade (half Asian/half White) gets caned in a straitjacket

Featuring : Jade and Andre Chance

Length: 114 minutes



Corporal punishment for Jade, a delicate schoolgirl, Asian/White mix, who is both innocent and slutty. She got in big trouble in school, and gets sent to reform school.

There, she gets put in a straitjacket by the schoolmaster, and receives a brutal, humiliating and lengthy series of spanking, caning, enemas (including with a long colonic tube), ice cubes, nipple clamps, suppositories, rectal thermometers and more.

She also gets fucked by a large machine (while still in the straitjacket), gets her butt rammed with butter sticks and cherry tomatoes, and is made to pee and expel the enemas in buckets and on the toilet.

Teen Reform School: Spanking and Hogtie-Bondage Enemas for Mabel Rose
Mabel Rose, with her belly full from an enema, gets further embarrassed by being masturbated, before expelling the enema into a bucket below

Featuring : Mabel Rose and Andre Chance

Length: 59 minutes



Severe punishment for schoolgirl Mabel Rose, including hard and extended OTK spanking, plus caning, belt whipping, and hogtie bondage.

She also gets her ass stuffed with a butt plug and even a whole stick of butter!

Not content with that, the sadistic Headmaster gives her 2 rounds of enemas: the first one she expels on the toilet, in full view; and the second one she has to expel into a bucket while sitting on an “enema high chair.”

For even more humiliation, she is subjected to masturbation while expelling her second enema!

(In her next round of punishment, in her second film, she has to suck the Headmaster’s cock, and she also gets spanking and enemas from her own mom.)

Athena & Natalia reform school
Schoolgirl Natalia is about to receive a severe paddling, caning and whipping from Athena

Featuring : Athena, Natalia and Andre Chance

Length: 98 minutes



When recidivist schoolgirl Natalia gets sent to the Reform School for the 3rd time, she’s surprised to find a sexy girl named Athena, who turns out to be the new assistant-in-training of the Headmaster.

If Natalia hoped that punishment by a college girl in a ravishing dress would be lighter than at the hands of the Headmaster, she’s in for a shocking surprise: Athena is brutally sadistic! She pushes Natalia face-down onto a large wedge, and proceeds to spank her, whip, cane her, and paddle her hard with a wide variety of paddles. By the end, Natalia’s butt is on fire with redness and welts!

That’s when Athena further immobilizes Natalia with thumb cuffs, handcuffs and an open mouth gag (metal.) Next, it’s ice cubes on Natalia’s butt, back, tongue, breasts – and even dipped inside her pussy!

But that’s just the beginning... Athena finishes stripping down Natalia, until she is completely naked. For further humiliation, Athena gives Natalia (still tied up) an enema, using a large plastic nozzle, a clear enema bag (soaked up to last drop) and a flow Indicator.

Natalia starts crying. Still tied up, she has no choice but to expel her enema into buckets, sending out big jets!

Athena lifts her own dress and pees into the same bucket.

To make matters worse, the Headmaster joins in and further humiliates Natalia by fucking her in every hole! While at it, the Headmaster also fucks in every hole his gorgeous new assistant!

(Vol. 2)
It’s back to just the two girls. As demanded by the Headmaster as part of her training, Athena has to make Natalia to give her an enema! Athena hates getting enemas, and so she’s extra angry at Natalia for having to receive an enema from her...

For starters, Athena turns Natalia into a “horse”, with a horse-tail butt plug, and a bit-style mouth gag; she makes her crawl around the floor, and rides her, and whips her with a riding crop.

Athena makes Natalia “serve her” for the delivery of an enema: first, she further humiliates Natalia by making her widen her ass with her finger. Next, Athena makes Natalia give her an enema, using a large plastic nozzle, a red bag and a flow indicator.

Athena expels her enema into a bucket, while sitting on an “enema high chair”, and making Natalia massage her and masturbate her. Later, she finishes expelling her enema on the toilet.

Afterwards, Athena makes Natalia lie down into a bathtub, and pours hot wax on her. Finally, Athena pulls out the butt plug that is still inside Natalia – and admonishes her to never be sent back to Reform School!

Schoolgirl Reform School: Fireball Nina
Schoolgirl Nina gets her 3rd round of enemas, plus hot wax, while tied up

Featuring : Nina and Andre Chance

Length: 72 minutes



A bad schoolgirl’s last chance to avoid juvenile: submit to intense corporal punishment.

She doesn’t appear too worried, foolishly assuming that corporal punishment means “just some spanking”, like her dad used to give her... To her dismay, she discovers that spanking is just the very beginning!

The rough treatment for slutty Nina includes multiple enemas (including with a large antique metal syringe, as well as a large squeeze bulb with a huge, hard nozzle), spanking, eggplants in both holes, paddling, hot wax, nipple clamps and hogtie bondage. She’s also made to pee in a bucket.

For a final humiliation, she’s made to expel her enema water while tied face down to the bed – and has to extinguish a candle with her jet!

Nina’s intense, feisty personality only makes her appear more sexy – and the punishment harder.

A film for those who like bad schoolgirls and really FEISTY submissives!

Hogtie Enemas and Caning in Suspension for Schoolgirl Leila
Schoolgirl Leila, tiptoeing while tied up to the ceiling. Notice the hot-wax drips on her

Featuring : Leila and Andre Chance

Length: 65 minutes



Schoolgirl Leila is petite, looks angelic, and claims innocence when sent to a Reform School for some serious misdeeds. However, as the Schoolmaster delivers a brutal corporal punishment, Leila reveals her true self: a feisty, unrepentant fireball of a girl!

Leila’s extended ordeal includes hogtie bondage, spanking, caning, multiple enemas, hot wax, and having to suck the Schoolmaster’s cock and taste his cum.

The Schoolmaster places Leila on a sex swing, and proceeds to spank her, paddle her with a riding crop, and cane her. Then he strips her completely naked and applies hogtie bondage, nipple clamps and a clit clamps.

For extra humiliation, Leila’s ass gets stuffed with a pig-tail butt plug, and her mouth gets stuffed up with the Schoolmaster’s cock! But first he uses her feet to gratify his cock.

Next, it's milk enemas with a huge squeeze bulb, a water enema from a bag, with a large nozzle and a flow meter. The enemas are expelled into buckets and on the toilet, in full view.

For additional punishment and humiliation, Leila has to endure face slapping, oil dousing, tickling, whipping with a belt, fucking by a machine (pussy & ass), a metal open-mouth gag, and hot wax.

Throughout the lengthy punishment, Leila squirms around and talks back. Definitely a bad girl in need of serious discipline!

Schoolgirl & Mom
The misbehaving teen (Mabel Rose) gets a punishment enema from her mom (Tina), after a spanking. Both across her lap.

Featuring : Mabel Rose, Tina and Andre Chance

Length: 71.5 minutes



After being punished by the school’s Headmaster, Mabel Rose is taken home by her mom, to be punished some more!

For starters, Mabel Rose gets disciplined for a second time by the Headmaster: spanking and enema, in hogtie bondage, plus a blow job and foot job. For final humiliation, she has to expel her enema into a bucket (while still hogtied to the sex swing) and has to eat the Headmaster’s cum.

At the end of the session, Mabel Rose’s mom, Tina, arrives to pick her up.

The mom sends Mabel Rose off to the car, and begs the Headmaster to teach her something that she can use on her out-of-control teen. The Headmaster demonstrates on the mom how to spank and give an enema! The mom gets spanked across the Headmaster's lap; then she has to strip naked and receive an enema, also across his lap. She expels it on the toilet.

Once home, the mom is all too eager to give her daughter a painful spanking and a humiliating enema – just like she herself endured from the Headmaster! The mom even barges into the bathroom while her daughter is expelling her enema, to humiliate her even more...

TRAILER AVAILABLE. See all trailers

Schoolgirl Reform School: Paige
Schoolgirl Paige in a straitjacket

Featuring : Paige and Andre Chance

Length: 61 minutes



Schoolgirl Paige looks angelic in her coy uniform. But she has a long discipline file, and receives an extreme punishment: multiple enemas (made to expel in bucket), straitjacket & hogtie bondage, spanking and paddling (including upside down), ice cubes, ice popsicle inserted into her pussy and dipped into her asshole, hot wax, lit candle inside butt & pussy, and “drilldo” (sex machine.)

She also has to give a blow job to her master and lick his cum.

Schoolgirl Reform School: Julie
Julie, hogtied on a swing, gets stripped naked after getting caned

Featuring : Julie and Andre Chance

Length: 92 minutes



Something is immediately spellbinding about Julie, and it’s not just her striking young beauty.

For starters, she seems out of place in the Reform School: her school grades are stellar – and yet she caused mischief serious enough to bring her here.

Traditional reform school just doesn’t work on her: corporal punishment makes her laugh and “humiliation” appears to turn her on...

Well, she’s BEYOND being just a “punishment slut”, like some past girls in Reform School. It turns out that she's a schemer, who got herself sent to Reform School on purpose – as she finally admits. She confesses that she finds school boring because too easy; at the same time, she has a strong fascination for BDSM, and is eager to experience it at length.

The Reform School Headmaster finally strikes a deal with her: she agrees to remain in school in exchange for being introduced to various intense BDSM activities – what is heavy punishment/humiliation for most other students is a treat for her!

Hogtie bondage, heavy whipping, multiple enemas, enema expulsion in full sight, caning, being fucked in every hole: she adores it all, and cums twice!!

(PS: Julie continues her kinky explorations, no longer in Reform School, in her second film)

Huge Butt Plug, Enema & Paddling for Schoolgirl
Lexie (aka Iris) takes a HUGE butt plug with a horse tail

Featuring : Lexie (aka Iris) and Andre Chance

Length: 64 minutes



Lexie, a beautiful schoolgirl with a bad attitude, ends up in Reform School. The Headmaster disciplines her extensively: paddling, a large enema (which she has to hold, and then expel in full view), a suppository, whipping, riding crop, a vibrator stuck inside her pussy with tape, etc. The Headmaster even makes her crawl around the room wearing a HUGE butt plug with a horse tail!

However, Lexie is so slutty that she handles everything pretty well – or even enjoys it!

But finally something makes her reconsider her bad school behavior: hogtie bondage, a gag, clothespins on her breasts, hot wax and being doused with a jet of cold water...

Upside-Down Discipline for Raven at Reform School
It fully dawns on Raven the BIG TROUBLE she's in!

Featuring : Raven and Andre Chance

Length: 67 minutes



Raven is a hot schoolgirl with a truly bad attitude. But she gets straightened out with heavy-handed corporal punishment and humiliation at the Reform School.

The schoolmaster swings her across his lap and spanks, paddles, whips, belts and canes her. Then he puts her in hogtie bondage, upside down on an inversion table. While Raven is upside down, the schoolmaster whips her at length and makes her suck his cock, until he cums in her mouth; then he cleans her out by drenching her with a cold-water hose! He “warms her up” with a riding crop, before finally taking her down...

Raven’s punishment is far from over! The schoolmaster applies nipple clamps, a metal mouth gag and clothespins on her nipples. Next, he sticks a suppository up her butt.

When poor Raven needs to pee, she has to pee onto the floor while she sits astride the schoolmaster’s lap – and then Raven has to mop her own pee from the floor!

The sadistic schoolmaster swings Raven across his laps and positions her almost upside-down, with her arms on the floor. First, he gives her an enema with a large, antique metal syringe. Then he invades her pussy with fingers and a vibrator. Afterwards, he gives her a full-bag enema with a large nozzle and a flow indicator that lets you see every drop go in.

For final humiliation, he makes Raven expel the enema into a bucket while she sits astride his lap. If that weren’t bad enough, he spreads out her butthole with two fingers to help the water come out! Lastly, he sends Raven to the toilet to finish up. While she expels the rest of the enema on the toilet, the schoolmaster probes her mouth with a finger while Raven recites all the punishment she received today!

Schoolgirl Reform School: Penney's Thorough Cleaning
Schoolgirl Penney, with pig-tail butt plug, is forced to jump through a hoop

Featuring : Penney and Andre Chance

Length: 74 minutes



Schoolgirl Penney looks hot in her coy uniform. But she has misbehaved, and receives an intense, extensive punishment: enemas, douching, spanking, caning. She’s also made to expel the enemas, and to pee, in a bucket and on the toilet.

In addition, she's humiliated by having to wear a butt plug with a pig tail, while jumping through a hoop. She also gets soaped up all over, and has to take the soap bar insider her mouth, pussy and butthole. Finally, she’s also made to give a blow job to her master and to lick his cum.

PS: in spite of all that, she didn’t learn her lesson, and eventually got sent back to reform school (as you can see in her next film)

Kinky Sex Therapy for Uptight Girl, with Schoolgirl as a Sex Toy
Schoolgirl Raven's arms are tied up to the ceiling.  She's anticipating the imminent whipping, forced vibrator masturbation, caning, BJ and enema

Featuring : Ariana, Raven and Andre Chance



Young Ariana, a very slim, lovely brunette, gathers up the courage to see a sex therapist. Oh boy, does she need it! She’s shy, inexperienced, repressed, uptight, fragile and generally neurotic about sex – especially anything that’s not “100% vanilla.”

Unbeknown to her, she’s in for a very kinky shock-therapy treatment, far beyond what she even knew existed!

The therapist warms her up by making her do a strip-tease. Then he keep her lying naked on the analyst’s couch, with a blindfold on, while he introduces her to many sensations: caresses, masturbation, 4 fingers in her pussy, a vibrator, and 2 fingers up her ass.

Ariana's introduction to kinky play kicks off with a thermometer that probes all her 3 holes... Followed by a cheese stick that does the same!

Next, she gets doused in oil. Nicely lubed up, she gets a speculum slipped up her pussy! Then the therapist introduces her to the over-the-knee position: he masturbates her, finger fucks her pussy and ass, and lightly spanks her. Before she starts crying, he sends her off to take a shower.

To poor Ariana this is all extremely kinky – but she doesn’t realize that it’s just the very beginning... When she returns from the shower, she’s stunned to find a schoolgirl, standing with her wrists tied up to the ceiling!

The schoolgirl is Raven, a nymphet from the Reform School where the therapist serves as headmaster. He decided to use Raven’s punishment as a learning experience for Ariana – and gives Raven to Ariana as a “sex toy.”

Ariana, who’s never been with a girl and is scared/repelled by the concept (not to mention terrorized by bondage and BDSM), doesn't have the foggiest idea of what to do... The therapist introduces her to how to spank, paddle, whip, belt, cane and masturbate a girl, how to periodically probe her pussy to see how wet she’s getting, how to apply nipple clamps, how to use ice cubes, etc.

Pain-slut Raven laughs through everything, as usual; it’s the scared-bunny giver, not the receiver, who’s intensely shaken by it all!

After Raven and the sex therapist finger-fuck Ariana’s pussy and ass, it’s time for the girls to jump onto two large fucking machines! Predictably, timid Ariana is terrified while mega-slut Raven has a grand time. When she needs to pee, Raven has no problem peeing in bucket. She enjoys the double dildo (pussy+ass) on the machine, while Ariana seems to suffer with her single dildo.

The therapist finally pulls out his cock and makes both girls suck it! Raven sucks it well, while Ariana is so inept and squeamish that the therapist puts on open mouth gag on her and fucks her mouth through it, while Raven holds her head.

It’s now time for the girls to become “enema sisters”! The therapist hogties them together – a first for Ariana – and puts mouth gags on both. Then it’s a simultaneous double enema, with two bags, large nozzles and flow indicators. As you can guess, Raven soaks up a full bag without complaints, while Ariana is horrified all along: it’s the first enema in her whole life and (like most things) she doesn’t take it well!

Then both girls, having no choice because they’re still hogtied, expel their enemas into buckets.

Afterwards, they get freed and sent off to take a shower together. Mid-shower, they take turns dashing out to the nearby toilet – and you can hear the rest of their enema water finally coming out!

When they’re both back in the shower, Raven makes Ariana eat her pussy, and also eats Ariana’s pussy.

Teen Drops Out of School and Gets Punished with Enema, Blow Job & Upside-Down Water Torture
Raven, hung upside-down, gets doused with a jet of cold water

Featuring : Raven and Andre Chance

Length: 56.5 minutes



Bad-schoolgirl Raven decides to drop out of school!

The Schoolmaster gives up on reforming her to stay in school, and punishes her AT LENGTH for dropping out!

It's hogtie bondage, nipple and clit clamps, 3 thermometers in all holes, enema (hogtied) with colonic tube, foot-job and BJ mid-enema, enema expulsion on toilet.

Then, while Raven is suspended UPSIDE-DOWN by her ankles, she gets anal beads, tickling, paddling with riding crop, whipping, and dousing with a jet of cold water.

Schoolgirl Reform School: Kyra
Schoolgirl Kyra with her wrists tied up behind her back. Notice the hot wax all over her back, and the ice cubes nearby

Featuring : Katia, Kyra and Andre Chance

Length: 62 minutes



Kyra is an enticing Asian schoolgirl, looking innocent in her demure outfit. She’s a good girl – but one who has misbehaved. She was caught masturbating, as well as without panties, and with another girl in her bed, etc. Her school file is growing. So, her parents and teachers send her over to a reform school. There, she gets taught a lesson she won’t forget by the Headmaster and his young and lovely female assistant Katia. Kyra’s punishment, in spite of her crying and begging, includes spanking, enemas (even milk ones!), bondage, hot wax, nipple clamps, ice cubes and paddling. She’s also made to pee in a bucket, and to expel her enemas there, too, in front of the Schoolmaster – and often on his lap!

TRAILER AVAILABLE. See all trailers

Schoolgirl Reform School: Eva in Forest
Eva nailed to rock wall, prior to receiving her punishment enema

Featuring : Eva "St. Valentine" and Andre Chance

Length: 44 minutes



A walk in the woods can get you into big trouble if you are a pretty girl in boarding school and you are sneaking out without permission. It might just get you stripped down, greased up all over with Vaseline, probed, spanked, roughly led by a leash on a naked walk, and lashed to a rock wall.

And finally humiliated with an enema driven up your ass – and having to expel it and to pee right there, tied up for hours in a standing position. All along, you’re getting goose bumps on every inch of your skin from the cold. Still want to go for a walk?

A film for the SADIST in you!

TRAILER AVAILABLE. See all trailers

Reform School for Pain-Slut with Attitude
Isabella, in handcuffs and ankle shackles, gets spanked hard OTK

Featuring : Isabella and Andre Chance

Length: 43.5 minutes



Isabella looks like an angelic, old-fashioned schoolgirl – but the moment she opens her mouth, you know that she’s an insolent mega-brat with a rotten attitude!

The Headmaster sets out to straighten her attitude with an extended corporal punishment – only to discover that smartass Isabella is a pain slut!

Fortunately, a punishment enema reaches Isabella in a way that spanking alone doesn’t...

Isabella punishment starts out with OTK spanking and paddling, using a ping-pong paddle and a wooden paddle. Since her insolence remains unabated, the Headmaster positions her swung over a large wedge, ties her up and brings out riding crops, a wooden spoon, a large wooden paddle, a cane, a whip (flogger), and a large belt. But, if anything, Isabella’s foul mouth gets worse, and then she even starts smiling! She finally even admits that she likes it...

The Headmaster in turn admits, “Sometimes I meet girls who cannot be disciplined with spanking alone, because they like it!” And that’s when he reaches for the enema bag! First, for extra humiliation, he violates her pussy with a wand vibrator. When she complains that she needs to pee, he makes her pee into a bucket, while still hogtied.

To finish up, hot wax (while still hogtied) and a lit candle up her pussy!

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